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My Therapy Style:

My work is grounded in interpersonal process and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies, but over the years, I have been greatly influenced by systems theory, ecotherapy, and mindfulness-based approaches. All professional jargon aside, what you need to know is that I take a collaborative, mindful, and open approach to therapy. I see the client as my partner in exploring his or her unique personal world. Rather than impose my own strict theories, which may or may not be relevant, I encourage the client to participate in defining problems and setting goals. Throughout this process, I remain open about my thoughts and observations, and I treat clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.

My Areas of Expertise:

In my practice, I work almost exclusively with adults in individual therapy. I enjoy working with a wide range of therapy issues, including the following areas of expertise:

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and Wellness - This area defines the bulk of my clinical work. I specialize in helping clients understand and resolve the barriers that prevent them from living happy, healthy lives. These barriers may include family-of-origin issues, relationship issues, recent or past trauma, eating disorders, life transitions and adjustment issues, anger issues, basic self-care issues, or anything else that relates to anxiety or depression. Sometimes, this work simply involves training a client in new life skills, such as healthy sleep habits, relaxation, or time management. Other times, it requires deeper work over a longer period of time.

Multicultural Therapy - Thanks to a wealth of personal and professional experiences, another area of expertise is working with culturally-diverse clients, especially those from Asian, South Pacific, Central and South American, and Native American backgrounds. I also work extensively with clients from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Kink and Polyamorous communities. I respect my clients' individual values, beliefs, and experiences, and I tailor therapy to fit each client.

Spirituality-Centered Therapy - Similar to cultural diversity, I also work with clients from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds, and I will gladly bring religion or spirituality into the therapy process, if that is what the client prefers. I understand that psychological and spiritual health are part of the same continuum and that, for some clients, the most effective therapy is done by recognizing and exploring this connection.

Values Clarification & Career/Life Planning - This area of expertise has evolved out of my training in career counseling, my research into values development, and my clinical experiences working with clients who feel dissatisfied with their lives. This work is most effective when it involves an exploration of identity and values at a very personal level.

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