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Paperless Office Consultation:

When setting up my private practice in 2006, I decided to reduce waste and long-term storage issues by keeping my business and client records as paperless as possible. My success attracted the interest of other professionals, and for several years, I offered consultations on setting up digital record systems that maximize security, confidentiality, and efficiency. Much of my emphasis was on helping people understand four essential points:

  1. An electronic record system does not have to be expensive or hard to maintain.
  2. Electronic records can be more secure and more efficient than paper records.
  3. An electronic record system must be well designed and maintained to yield benefits.
  4. Any computer use in your business, no matter how minimal, requires security precautions.

With these ideas in mind, we would discuss topics such as encrypted file storage, wireless networks, backups, passwords, organization, and waste. Fortunately, good practices in these areas have become much more mainstream, so there is less demand for consultations.

Noethe, J. B. (2007, September/October). Creating the (Almost) Paperless Office. The Oregon Psychologist, 26(5), 24-25.

Non-Profit Consultation:

The field of Psychology possesses a wealth of knowledge that is directly relevant to many social and environmental issues, both in terms of understanding the problems and their potential solutions. Unfortunately, much of this knowledge never reaches the people who are working on these issues.

A growing number of Psychologists and mental health professionals are becoming interested in addressing this gap. Wherever possible, my personal goal is to build bridges between Psychology and non-profit groups, so that they might increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Let me offer a few examples:

Caritas Creek (Cazadero, CA) - I spent almost two years working as the Education Director for this residential outdoor education program, updating and refining their curriculum from a psychological perspective. Our goal was to raise the program's level of quality and consistency in helping urban children connect with the natural world. The resulting curriculum model is still being used successfully today.

Northwest Earth Institute (Portland, OR) - During the summer of 2006, I volunteered my services to NWEI as they designed a new discussion course on Global Warming. By introducing a framework for understanding personal value change, and by offering a psychological perspective on course content, my hope was to enhance the effectiveness of the course in promoting awareness and motivation.

Center for Earth Leadership (Portland, OR) - Starting in June 2006, I began working with the Center on a project called Psychology for a Sustainable Future (PSF), which focuses on bringing Psychology into the sustainability movement. During the first year, we organized and hosted the Psychology-Ecology-Sustainability Conference, which was a great success. We then worked on developing several follow-up initiatives, including the PSF Consultation & Training Project, which sought to offer affordable psychological resources to groups working on sustainability, ecology, and conservation issues.

Time permitting, I am currently willing to provide consultation services to selected organizations for little or no fee, and I know others who are willing to do the same. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in talking to a psychological consultant about your organization's activities, programs, or initiatives.