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Privacy & Confidentiality:

I work as an independent practitioner, and I take a very personal approach to maintaining my practice. I answer my own calls and messages, schedule my own appointments, and handle my own billings. During the normal course of therapy, clients talk only to me. This approach adds a layer of privacy for my clients, and it also tends to reduce confusion and misunderstandings. Naturally, there are legal and ethical limits to client confidentiality, and we will discuss these thoroughly during the intake process. If you would like to read more about these limits, feel free to look through my Forms Packet.

While I do handle all client-related communications personally, it is important to realize that e-mail, cellular phone calls, and texts are not 100% secure or private. These forms of communication are fine for scheduling appointments and so forth, but it is best not to reveal too much personal information if it can be avoided.